Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hundred of teenagers were searched for having their own personal phones at a school in Xi’an, China

source: Chinareview

September 6th, four school governors and one teacher searched hundreds of teenage students one by one for personal phones without any advance notice.

Students were requested to stand at the classroom corners while the search took place. Governors and teacher took away phones, chargers and phone cables once they found in students school bags, draws.

Students bodies were also searched apart from underwear. One student Lee hided the phone in his underwear and saved the phone.

The teacher read the chatting history in the smart phone and found his student was chatting with another opposite sex student on the inappropriate ‘romantic love’ topics.

The search involves both male and female students who were to have either high school entries exams (15-year-old) or college entries exams (18-year-old).

Story ideas:
1. No punishment for personal search even to teenagers. no law, no regulation.

2. Likewise supermarket theft suspicion body search; but students own their personal phone; school took them all

3. School think smart phone would disturb students study; students surf online in class

4. Teachers believe some internet content is harmful for youngsters

5. Some parents believe it is ok to search the body as students should not have phones in class. Only study is permitted in classroom. They are happy that school took actions to help students study

6. Students felt insulted during and after the search

7. School does have regulations phones are only used to contact parents; not permitted to chat, play games and must be switched off in class.

8. Teacher checked the chatting history in the phone

Friday, 23 August 2013

Something you did not know

It has been a long time that I stopped reading and writing. The ability is dusted in the back of my head but never disappeared.

Since you might read, I just want to take the opportunity to say Thank you for reminding me of who I was and why I am here.We all have stories to tell: the pains of growth and the joy of the same growth.

I started to love the younger age of myself when I actually know what I want. Simply an icecream or a visit to the zoo. Now I am lost all the time. I thought I want a designer clothes. But I did not realise whether it is the real 'I' wants it or it is the world tells me that I want it.

I always desire to make sure I know the reason of existing. And the best way is to keep thinking. Sadly lots of things have diluted the ability of consciously thinking. With a little knowledge in the media, I would attribute it to the advertisements, TV programs. Believe it or not, the media controls the world- sounds quite familiar! The matrix or the machine that we created controls us! One starts to desire things he does not need; then he has to work in the fields he finds it difficult to build the affection. But the world tells him he has to sacrifice. Then the unpleased mood must be compensated by the stronger desire at the beginning. He wants a larger house, a more beautiful wife, a posh yacht. But those are all illusions. It is the media who tells this lies and one believes the lies. If one asks him to score the happiness, no statistics could prove that he would be happier.

I am not superior to anyone. I just want to steer away something that I don't like and I know I, probably, could not resist. The more I desire, the more unhappiness hits me. I know for sure the extra pressure is well hidden beneath the glamour.

I chose to turn away and back to the world that I could handle. A world in which I need nothing more than books, friends and food

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A boring day

The negtive part of being excited is the empty feeling afterwards.
I don't know how others handle this issue but I am kind of stuck at the point where I have experienced watching Olympic Opening Ceremony live on TV, taking pictures witht the torch in my big name firm, cherring up for my exams and having funs with friend A, B, C...even watching loads of rented films and reading books within two weeks.

Either it is due to the poor food I have recently or it happens to be my physically low point, or maybe lack of good quality of sleep, I find it very very tired yesterday and today. I ended up with cups after cups of coffee but felt more empty later. Even now I have pretty much work to do, I opened my blog trying to dig out what is wrong with me.

Yep a boring day.

Nothing to look forward for the weekend. Next week study again. The week after will be two training days and two holidays to be approved by manager. I guess if the manager could response my application then I could grasp a lime of happiness in the typical London cloudy day.

To review others performance in their business makes me boring as well.

Still another 4 months to go for visiting back home. Not to mention that the horrible intense study beforehand which requires my praying a lot. Considering my IQ, I would not think it is easy for me to pass the exam. If luckily enough, I will be safe on my job as those are the last subjects which the firm could sack me if I fail.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Beijing University is to relaunch a consultation scheme to request students addictive to internet to attend internet cessation class

Beijing University, top university in China, is to relaunch the scheme ' consultation’ requiring students addictive to internet to attend 'internet cessation class' according to university internal document. The scheme used to target students with extreme thinking last year.

The relaunched scheme changed one key word from helping ‘extreme thinking students’ to ‘students addictive to internet this year. It requires every college to submit a list of at least five to school every month as previously all colleges submit a list of zero. Students on the list are required to attend ‘internet cessation’ class with lectures and workshop.

Last May when the original scheme first published to keep a list of extreme thinking students, it triggered huge controversy inside and outside Beijing University thus not coming into final implement. ‘Since there is no such clear definition for ‘extreme thinking’ universally, it would restrain the creativity and diverse thinking of the most excellent students in China. ‘ according to 21st financial newspaper.

This year the university learnt its lesson by changing ‘extreme thinking students’ to students addictive to internet or with study difficulties but so far there is no consensus definition on internet addiction available. According to Sun Yuchen, one independent famous blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers from Chinese website, ‘this is against human rights as every adult enjoys his right to do things freely. School can’t force its adult students to attend certain consultation by catagorising them in ‘internet cessation’ class.

‘Suttlely the scheme is to regime creative students thinking in a way in accordance with Communist Party.’ he also says, ‘school should focus on the improvement of service for its students rather than punishing students who criticise on the service.’

Published on March 24th 2011, the Beijing Evening News quoted Zha Jing, Vice Minister of the university work department, consultation will be interested in students with radical ideas. Some students often exaggerated school work’s tiny faults, "such as school cafeteria food rose two pence. "

But some commentators believe that, if the university want to tag students with radical-thinker, the school should arrange students for speaking guide training, such as what department of the government could be critisised and to what extent can certain government actions be criticised. Some even joked to compile a "Beijing University students speaking guide" which may become a best-seller.

New criticals said that to require a list of five will be no difference from catagorising people with Right Party during Chinese cultural revolution. No right is granted to the university to catagorise its students either with internet addiction or extreme-thinker.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's Xmas

We wish you a merry Xmas!

I don't want to complain but...

It is an unpleasant week or even month. I felt quite depressed. Not too much work to do since managers are busy filing. No progress in studying not because I am not hard working it is because the more I read the study materials, the less confident I feel- the more I don't understand. Thinking of the two headache exams ahead, I can't go to sleep!

I might just think too much. I wonder whether you had such feeling. You really want to do something well. But no matter how hard you try, it never works in the way you want. You absolutely frustrated!

I want to do well in my ACA qualification exams. Currently I am still doing the very easy part. Not easy to admit this but I used to be an above-average student in the class. Now I found every single subject difficult to tackle. When I saw others making progress all the time I became very impatient.

The tough terms become very very annoying. Hate to say the cliche again but English holds me back quite a lot! I don't understand what 'give rise to' mean when I refer to the question answer explanation. The online dictionary said it means to cause something to exist. So how should I understand 'give rise to an agency by estoppel'?- BTW I don't understand estoppel either and auto spelling check does not know either by showing a red underline!

Sadly it is quite an impossible thing to share since people who are able to understand my situation have no patient to listen and people who could listen can not help. I don't know which I prefer- a person to listen or a person to teach me in practice...

Trouble deprives from the desire beyond my ability. I want a good skill of excel/ AS2, good exam skills in ACA and a good relationship with my colleges.

Looking for a solution.
Need Help.
Don't want any more stress!!!

Monday, 31 October 2011

I don't mean to be like that...

I hope someone could take my appology of being so slow to understand what I was taught.